About Ashley

My husband calls my world a “pink world.” Simply put, I love, love.  I love hearing baby giggles, how couples first meet, and happy endings.  That is exactly what I get photographing bellies, babies, families, and engagements. I get to in my own little way, share in their love, their happiness, and their special moments.  Each and everyday, I am a better person because of it. My life is more beautiful, more enriched, …..more pink.

I love seeing love, whether that be parents holding their new baby so tenderly, siblings laughing with each other the way only siblings can, or a fiancé glowing with excitement for her wedding day.  These are the moments I want to help you preserve. Life flies by at such a fast pace.  My goal and my passion as a photographer is to be a storyteller for your family.  Knowing that I have helped capture a baby first learning to walk, a newly engaged couple looking into each other’s eyes with love that will last a lifetime, or a mother waiting in anticipation for her baby makes me feel very blessed as a photographer.  These are the moments I hope to help you cherish forever.  When you look back at your photographs, my goal is that you are taken back to that moment in time.  You remember how you felt, you remember the loved shared, and I hope those photographs bring a smile to your face.

Please check out my portfolios and blog, and if my photography connects to you and your style, then contact me to schedule a session.  It would be an honor and a privilege to photograph your family, wherever your journey may be.

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Ashley Perez Photography is located on the Western Slope of Colorado in Grand Junction.